Premium Matte Satin Shawl - Abaya Ayana

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Color: PINK

Abaya Ayana Kimyra Collection

Abaya Ayana is specially designed for you to feel #lovelier during your Raya day. The silky material of the Abaya Ayana fabric helps make you move around more freely with its flowy features. The printed floral design of the Abaya brings out the loveliness of the wearer. You can also add on a premium chiffon shawl and coin purse along with it

Designed to be convenient, Abaya Ayana included with a :-
✅ Nursing zip that makes it hassle-free for busy mothers
✅ A side pocket where you can put your precious belongings safe by your side
✅ A belt that keeps your outfit in place

Make an entrance with your significant other to a wedding event, parties or even just for a casual outing, with Abaya Ayana Couple Set. The set comes with an Abaya Ayana Set including the premium matte satin shawl and, of course, an Ar-Rayyan Shirt for your partner, all ready to complete your special day.

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