About Us

Graceful Modesty: Muslimah Fashion Unveiled by Fatyra

In 2018, a journey of passion and purpose began, giving birth to Kimyra International Sdn Bhd, affectionately known as Kimyra. Founded by a dynamic couple, our story is one etched with dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to crafting a legacy that resonates.

Starting 2023, our evolution continues its journey stems from the roots of Kimyra Style activewear and branches out towards the depth of innovation in Muslimah clothing, where the very name 'Fatyra' was conjured to reveal the founder's other interpretation of modest lifestyle.

Muslimah clothing is a deeply meaningful expression of identity and faith for women who follow Islam. It goes beyond mere fabric; it is a reflection of inner beauty, grace, and devotion. Each garment, whether it's the flowing Abaya, the delicate Hijab, or the elegant Kaftan, is designed to be more than just clothing—it's a canvas for expressing your unique style within the framework of modesty.

Welcome to Fatyra - a realm where fashion doesn't just clothe; it empowers. With every stitch, we embark on a journey that celebrates elegance, modesty, and the pursuit of dreams. Join us as we redefine not just clothing, but narratives, one thread at a time.