Waiting list - Abaya Ryanna

Frequently asked questions

Available sizes for Adult Abaya Ryanna, kids and men?

Here are the guidelines for our set of Abayas, men and kids.

How much does it cost per Abaya?

The abaya comes with inner and cardigan set, the price is RM209 ($47) from the normal price of RM299.

The men shirt is RM109($25). Kids Abaya is RM179($40) and kid shirt is RM89 ($19)

When will be the official launch for Abaya Ryanna?

InshaaAllah this 3rd March 2023!

Does this Abaya needs high maintenance cares?

Nope! Abaya Ryanna is made from a very quality fabric, that it doesn't need heavy ironing needs, can be wash in washing machine and dryer and it is durable and strong.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% size change within 30 days of purchasing the product and once we receive your item back we will process your change immediately.